Bride and the city: Best locations for London engagement photos

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When you’re capturing a bride (to be) in the city, London effortlessly plays its part. Silently looking graceful in the background, adding vibrancy and spark when needed and zest to featureless moments. Blessed with diversity, the city is jam-packed with infinite treasures waiting to be captured. Listed below are some of our favourite spots.

South Bank  

South Bank has the advantage of housing three of London’s most classic Landmarks all in close proximity. Whichever way you look on Westminster Bridge, you face amazing views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on one side of the river and the London Eye on the other. Despite the location and the amazing scenery, South Bank is completely versatile. There’s something for everyone. You can take the couple for a slow stroll across the bridge, starting at Big Ben; stop at St Thomas Hospital garden, walk under the bridge and make your way past the London Eye to skate-park. Once you start walking, everyday ordinary objects will present themselves to you as props. From the park fountain to the street bench. From the cup of coffee to the bubbles blown by the street performer.

Remember South Bank is a prime tourist spot, it’s best to start shooting very early in the day; if you want the bridge to yourself (minus a few strollers). Otherwise, be prepared for large crowds and snatching quick deserted moments. 

Image source: Alex Beckett Photography

St Paul’s Cathedral  

Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe St Paul’s Cathedral. Situated a short walking distance from The Tate Modern. The eminent dome visibly dominates the skyline. As you briefly walk across the Millennium Bridge, take shots of the couple along the way. St Paul’s is an ideal backdrop for romantic and elegant couple photography. Its front facade is delicately balanced by uniform pilasters; decked with classical checkered tiles, followed by a towering wooden door.  

Image source: Alex Beckett Photography

Tower bridge  

The Victorian Gothic towers and steel beams can be viewed from a reasonable distance, acting as the perfect backdrop. The bridge provides you with generous ideas for couple shoots taken at various locations; from street level to 42 metres above the Thames on their glass walkway. Tower Bridge is a famous symbol of London and remains as one of the city’s most popular choices for couple photography. Walk your duo across the bridge early in the morning or late at night to avoid the busy rush  

Image source: Alex Beckett Photography

London Parks  

Given greenery is adored by all. London is brimming with beautiful scenic parks. From Kew Gardens to Holland Park. From Hampstead Heath to Regents Park. The parks look beautiful all year round, as vegetation adapts to different seasons; from autumns golden leaves to springs colourful blossoms. The vast open space allows you to take secluded and intimate photos of the couple; paying close attention to emotion.  

Image source: John Barwood


London bestows the honour of housing many of the world’s most notable museums. Such as the British museum; for its culture and worldly history. The Tate modern; for its contemporary, eccentric art. The V and A; for its diversity in art and design. Museums do a great job at preserving the city’s history and culture. They’re dynamic and diverse. Therefore, a great destination for adding a sleek, bookend charm to couple Shots. Think night in the museum, mimic movie scenes and be adventurous with themes.

Image source: Kari Bellamy

With the right planning, engagement shots without a doubt are more relaxing than wedding photography. Its the time where you as the photographer and the couple get to know each other. The couple feel more relaxed, while you are free to experiment with fun creative shots naturally.

Main Image source: Matt Badenoch

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