Fall weddings

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Autumn’s crisp air swiftly replaces summer’s humidity. As leaves begin to change colour, mornings become mistier and sunsets grow fierier. It’s no wonder more couples are choosing to say I do during fall.

Let’s talk about colour.

Our surroundings alighting with reds, golds and browns means there’s no better time to take a few shots outdoors. The rich autumnal tones will effortlessly highlight the bride’s light coloured wedding dress. Falls colour palette also includes hints of purple and burgundy, inspiring for the bouquet and décor ideas.

Image source: Rock My Wedding

Image source: Rock My Wedding

Photographic walks

There’s no knowing when the weather will change. As unpredictable as it is, don’t let that stop you. Be prepared with an umbrella, a flask with your favourite hot drink and extra layers, ready to warm you up.

Take photographic walks through paths surrounded by autumnal foliage and deciduous trees. Walk over fallen leaves as they coat the ground and blow in the wind like confetti.

Image source: Knotsvilla

The best time for lighting

Quality photography depends on good lighting and there is no better lighting than the golden sunsets. Thoughtfully plan the timing of your wedding around the early sunsets. So you can capture the magical illumination of the sky; perfect for a romantic backdrop.

Image source: Rock My Wedding


Image source: Wedding Party App

Take advantage of autumn’s atmosphere.

The nippy season creates a cosier environment. As the daylight decreases early, grab some candles, fairy lights and loved ones to frame an intimate atmosphere. Bring life to an otherwise ordinary hall with a natural décor of fruits, flowers and stacks of wooden crates.

Image source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Image source: Rock My Wedding

Main Image Source: Rock my wedding


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